Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Hey Hey
Change is here!

That word has been thrown around a lot by some political groups but y'all not here to talk about politics.

They saying goes that change is the only thing that's constant.
I used to be one who liked bunking with the familiar and very hesitant to change, but I've been

Am moving houses!
No, not my physical house but Blog house !
Move over blogspot..
Hello Wordpress..

This is a change I had considered even before returning to blogging again....well, six months later am finally moving.

So shugars, this would be my last post here.
Come visit my new space..
It's Tamie's Alcove
Do visit, do subscribe and follow, do leave comments.
There is a house warming serving of a new journal series I had talked about starting last year.

Of course I would still stop by all your blogs, am still very much around...I just moved down the street.

Ps : Wordpress is so techy! Oh well, acquiring new knowledge never killed nobarri...

Pps: am still trying to figure out a redirect link from here to my new space..

See you there



  1. Already? You have run away? When did you come back? Happy New Year

  2. Lol.. am not running naa..just changing addresses.
    Happy new year dearie.

  3. Aaah, I was just going to mention this on my next post about how I might be moving to WordPress. Some things on blogger has been annoying me so much lately, but I decided to wait until I'm ready to buy my own domain name.
    I'll update my blog list now :)

  4. Oh really Nikki...
    Yeah I intend to get a domain later one too.

  5. Why can't my comment post on your new space??? Sad!

  6. this makes me sad too.. Pls do keep trying. Thank you!


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