Thursday, December 17, 2015

Water Stills

Hey Hey..
How are we all doing?
Caught the Merriment bug yet?
When i was younger 3 things got me excited around this period
1. Close of school
2. Traveling home to Okrika boat!
3. Seeing all my cousins and the numerous things we would get up to doing.

Well, now no more school hols to look forward to.
Since my grandma's  passing in 2012 , and some cousins being married just hasn't been the same traveling home  for the Christmas celebrations. We would rather meet up in the 'city' for family time. But I still have cause to go home often and of course I do it by boat 80% of the time.

I love the cool air that hits my face when am on a boat ride.
I love the way the boat bounces on water when there are waves, sometimes it does get scary sha . When big barges  or other boats on speed pass very close it generates huge waves and really rocks the boat.

Sometimes when i tell some friends that i am going home by sea, they go " oh brave one ".
If only they knew..
Am not that brave...and our waters is not as crazy as the bonny axis.
Then some go, "oh well you are riverine and  can swim "...indeed!
I can't swim jack!
I know i should hide my face... but that's the truth. Infact i am scared of swimming. I can count the number of times I've been to a pool. I've only attempted to learn how to swim twice and both times it didn't leave me any better...instead it increased my phobia level. I haven't given up totally sha...someday .. hopefully.

Recently ,when traveling i started taking some pictures .
Ermm, forgive the quality of the pictures ..i use my phone.

Red in motion

The waves this thing generates...
Going solo 

One rows,the other throws the net.

Colours on water 

An oil company vessel 

Tho, I love pictures am not that good at taking them. Once I got over the stares I get when I start taking the pics, I enjoy doing it. It's not a full blown love yet, but am loving photography.  
Maybe @Mfoluwa  would coach me some..
On IG one of my favorite pages is +Kitchenbutterfly  ,her pictures just give me life! 

I've been journalling off and on for a really long time. In the last couple of years tho, it's been a struggle to put pen to paper. I like going through my old journals-the ones i can find- smiling at my silliness, loving the growth i see, frowning at lessons to learn that are still on the slow lane ....etc
I need to start another..not just starting ,but being diligent with it.

To help my journal journey ,I would be introducing a #Journal segment on the blog. It would be like  a summary of the previous month, as much as i can share, struggles , growth , my relationship with God, love , random....
Also ,that way even if life happens and I don't get to blog other stuff, I am sure to stop by with a monthly post. 
Looking forward to doing it.
Do you keep a journal? Do you enjoy doing it? 

See you soon shugars,
Love n' Light. 


  1. I think a monthly journal will be lovely.
    I love those pictures, especially the 4th one. There is something about being on water that is just so serene to be. Water is so peaceful but also powerful at the same time.
    I am looking forward to your monthly journals.

    1. Peaceful but also powerful! So true.
      I love forward to it too...

  2. Hey Tamie, I love those pictures just as I love photography too. I'm trying to hon that skill so maybe @Mfoluwa could coach both of us.
    I love waters. I enjoyed my NYSC days in Rivers cos I got to travel on waters on some occassions.
    Compliments dear!

    1. Hullo Nkem..
      Photography is just beautiful!
      Oh you served in Rivers, nice!
      Compliments hun.


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