Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thankful For The 'Lil' Things

It's so easy to belittle some BIG blessings.
I have being guilty. 
Most times we don't know they are blessings until we loose them. 
We just regard them as the lil things.
It's normal to first remember and be thankful for the big things,but be thankful also for the seemingly little things.

Sometimes it takes seeing or hearing someone's experience to buzz our gratitude button. 
Today I choose to be openly grateful..

That I can see
(and appreciate the life around me)

That I can breathe
(without aid or paying for oxygen)

That I can walk
(unaided, with so much freedom)

That I can hear
(for the beauty of conversations, for music..)

That I can't use the toilet ,do all my business there with ease and all by myself
(seeing someone in great pains of acute urinary retention, will no doubt make one thankful)

That I got an education -primary,secondary,tertiary..
(thousands if not millions never got this opportunity)

That I have food and can eat
( some have food but cannot eat, some can eat but have no food...)
I once met a young man who had a condition and couldn't even comfortably swallow water..not to talk of semi solids or solids.

The list is inexhaustible.
Once I want to start complaining about something, I pause..
..and start being thankful even for having the opportunity to complain..
..a dead man has no complaint.

Everything doesn't have to be perfect before we remember to be thankful.

Start by being grateful for that imperfection.
I came to learn that ....and I have seen things I had thought to be imperfect blossom into beautiful things.


Love and Light


  1. Great and positive post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, this is such an excellent post.
    When I was thinking little things. I didn't even think about the things that you just listed. So eye opening. Wow, thank you God for everything.

    1. True, sometimes we don't even consider these or remember them.

  3. This is deep Tamie. Humans r simply ingrateful but when we begin to see these little but big blessings in this light then our hearts will be filled with gratitude.
    Thanks for sharing dear

    1. May gratitude be a way of life for us all.

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  5. Very insightful post.

    For me it's the seemingly little blessings that move me the most, the things that we take for granted, 5 senses working perfectly, good health, a family that cares for me. A God that listens to me.

    The best part of all is that the Lord takes delight in our gratitude. :-)

    ( I am so glad that my comments are finally publishing here, I sent you an email asking if you changed your setting a few weeks ago and left you a comment on my blog too)

    1. Exactly Nedu!!
      He sure delights in our gratitude.

      Would take a look again at the settings. Thank you dear.

  6. Being a Doctor will bring a whole new perspective to things. I remember staying in the hospital over Christmas and New Year about 2 years ago and being more grateful and this is your reality everyday, It really makes one more grateful for the littlest things!!!!!

    1. I think real gratitude for me started the first day I walked into an anatomy cadaver lab. It was an awakening of its own.

  7. That's the attitude for everyday living, being grateful for the littlest of things.
    Thank you for reemphasizing this.


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