Monday, November 16, 2015

Blog Book Tour / Giveaway

Hey everyone , how have you all been?
Is it just me or is this month so fast?! It's half way gone already.
Christmas cometh! :-)

In my last post, Nkem had asked about purpose and like i had said it was something i am working on. So imagine my delight when i read about Frances of Imperfectly Perfect Lives new book - 10 Steps To Walking In Purpose .

The author Frances Okoro is a Lawyer  by profession, a Writer and Christian blogger by passion and calling.

The title of the book is explanatory enough about the focus in the book, but the book actually explores more than just purpose [i picked up some wisdom  nuggets and did some needed reflections].

There has been an awakening in the hearts of men in recent times-an awakening to the fact that our lives on earth is meant for more- more than having an education- more than the great jobs -more than getting married and having a family.....

Men and women are awakening to the fact that they are not just aimless souls drifting through earth; they are here to fill a niche, manifest their light, give their talents and gifts to those who need them and finally, die empty.  
And this awakening has also found its home in my heart.  


Is there an awakening in your heart also?
Wanna continue reading?
I can't tell you about the book and not point you in a direction to get a copy for yourself ...there is love in sharing and i have  love for you reading this.

So there is a chance to get a free .pdf copy of the book, as Frances is graciously having a two weeks giveaway of the book.

Here are just some very simple rules to follow and then it would be emailed to you .

1. Share the book cover on twitter or Instagram ,referencing this blog post and with the hashtag #10stepstowalkinginpurpose .

Eg " Get your free copy of this book from "
*don't forget to use the hashtag

2. Then leave a comment on this post with your email and Instagram user name/twitter handle used.

Dazall !!
Yes , that simple.
Participants who complied with the rules will be emailed their copies of the book on theMonday November 30th 2015.

I got a fresh understanding of walking in purpose when i read this book and i know you would also benefit from it too like i did....that's why am sharing with y'all .

Have a lovely week ahead shugars ..

Love and Light.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Hey shugars...yes, you reading this! 

Thank you for stopping by my space....
Tho' I may not see your comments, I 'see' your I recognise your presence or your 'Waka pass'.   
Thanks for reading my lil words and drop your comments when you can.

So I got a blog award from the lovely Nkem of  HOME WORTH INTERIORS...(a cool interior blog).
I love reading blog awards, it's a way to find new blogs and get to know some more about the lovely people behind the blogs. 
I was quite suprised by the  nomination..and actually paused in surprise  for a min or two while I was reading her post lol
Thanks Nkem!!
Buh babe these your queshuns ehhhhh......

Anyway let's get the award rolling.....

So the Rules -
1. Give thanks and link to the blogger who nominated you. *done*

2. Put up the award logo on your blog. *will do*

3. Provide answers to the Jamb  questions asked.

4. Nominate 5 bloggers

5. Make up 10 Questions for your nominees to answer.

Answers to Nkem's Qs:

1.  Have you discovered your purpose in life and what it is. 
Me: At some point I thought I had, but now am not sure anymore. So this is one area am still working on in my life. 

2. Which one of your possessions has the most sentimental value to you. 
Me: My NKJV bible. It was a birthday gift from my mum. I have other bibles and have other gifts from my mum, but there is just something about this one...from the first moment I held it. Can't explain it.

3. If given another chance to come back to earth, what would you become?
Me: What the one who sent me purposed for me to become. 

4. Being rich or being fulfilled?  
Me: Both!!

5. If you could have a second home, where would it be and why
Me: I feel I haven't been to that many places to choose where I might like as a second home....
In Nigeria..maybe Jos, Outside Nigeria..maybe Canada .

6. Who is your mentor and why did you choose him/her? 
Me: Sincerely I don't have anyone specific,  I just have a number of people I really admire and learn from their lives as I see it.

7. Aside blogging, what do you do for a living and why did you choose that path?
Me: Am a medical doctor.
Hmn, the why- just because.
Unlike the typical med student story, I wasn't forced by my parents, I didn't have a dream where I was saving humanity from some plague..i actually had the chance to walk away, but still came back to it.
The why is kinda tied to Q1.

8. Criticism or Praise
Me : Both 

9. Where are you from and how did that shape your personality?
Me: Okrika in Rivers State in Nigeria.
Not sure of how that shaped my personality...I have one or two ideas on that but...let's leave it at Not sure. 

10. What three things would you like to change about blogging? (I assume mine, right?)
. Consistent
.  Consistent
. Consistent.....and Bind Procrastination 

Nominate 5 bloggers..
1. Funmi