Monday, August 10, 2015

Perspective: What do you see?

Some see a wall
Hard core granite wall 
High like the proverbial tree
In the middle of the evil forest;

Some try to get across

By climbing..
Jumping on it...

Some try shouting at it..
Maybe it would fall down
Like the walls of Jericho 

Most claim they are shot down
By fiery eye darts
I don't believe those tales 

Some  don't bother climbing 
They come 'machine' ready 
Forcefully banging
Attempting to break the wall..
They get buried under falling bricks 

Some think it's smarter to burrow under the wall
Clawing the dirt with their fingers .
I didn't bother asking how they fared. 

There is an entrance in the wall,
A walkway..
Actually a Window 
From which a scarlet rope hangs 
It's not hidden 

Will anyone find it?

Another question would be- 
Does the wall really exist?? 

@itamiie 3/7/15 11:30pm.


Have a lovely week ahead. 

Peace and Love


  1. I thought that was lovely. Greetings friend!

  2. Erm I'm not really good with poetry but all the same, it reads beautifully.

    1. Am also not that good with poems. I just wrote stuff, I don't even call what I write poems..
      Thanks for reading Lohla.

  3. Glass half full vs. Glass half empty...

    A thought-provoking post, indeed "Does the wall really exist? " :-)

    Well written Tamie.


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